Flight departure
Start guide
1. Arriving at the terminal
Arrive at the terminal 2 hours in advance, and confirm the terminal you need to go to by inquiring the airline you are taking.
2. Check in and check in luggage
Please pay attention to the check-in time of the flight to avoid missing.
The airport supports on-site self-service check-in and self-service luggage check-in. It is recommended to check-in online in advance.
3. Safety inspection
Please prepare your ticket, ID card or passport and other valid documents and submit them to the security inspector for inspection.
4. Waiting and boarding
According to the large screen of the airport display and the sign guide sign, wait at the corresponding gate 30-40 minutes before departure.
Domestic inbound and outbound passenger flow
Domestic departure 02 on the second floor of the terminal to enter the Domestic Check-in hall for check-in registration > domestic security check-in area on the second floor of the terminal building > domestic waiting hall (passengers with far seat to domestic gate No.8 on the first floor) - > boarding at the boarding gate (passengers at the far seat to the boarding gate at the first floor can take the ferry bus to board)