Study and implement of Yibin Airport Co., Ltd. Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the pr
On the morning of May 19, Yibin Airport Co., Ltd. held a study meeting for the central group of the Party committee. The spirit of the provincial Party committee secretary Peng Qinghua's inspection and investigation instructions, the spirit of the provincial new area and comprehensive bonded zone construction site meeting, and the speech spirit of the South Sichuan Economic Zone Work Forum were studied and implemented. We should further unify our thinking and deepen our understanding, so as to speed up the establishment of the provincial economic vice center and the development of the new airport, so as to pool our ideological and action consciousness. Peng Bing, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.
Comrade Peng Bing stressed that enterprises should deeply understand and accurately grasp the rich connotation of the spirit of the investigation speech made by Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, and earnestly integrate ideological and action into the decision-making and deployment of the provincial and municipal Party committees. We should deeply study and deeply understand the great significance of secretary Peng Qinghua's inspection and investigation in Yichang, deeply understand Secretary Peng Qinghua's in-depth exposition of the great significance of promoting the construction of the provincial new area and the special customs supervision area, the strategic positioning for the construction of Sanjiang new area, the four main tasks for the development of Sanjiang new area, the direction and path for the construction of Yibin comprehensive protection zone, and the construction of provincial-level new area The important requirements of a good environment for the development of new areas and special customs supervision areas. We should take the spirit of Peng Qinghua's "four good" important instructions and the municipal Party committee's series deployment as the important political tasks at present and in the future, accelerate the construction of "party building demonstration enterprises" and continuously promote 39 key tasks of state-owned enterprises.
Comrade Peng Bing stressed that it is necessary to further implement various measures and make more contributions to speeding up the construction of Yibin into a vice economic center of the whole province. We should give full play to the advantages of the airport's important transportation hub, highlight key work, and speed up the construction of airport ports. The construction of the temporary port of Wuliangye airport in Yibin is the need of serving and integrating into the national development strategy. It is a strong support for the implementation of the regional coordinated development of the whole province and a powerful engine for cultivating regional economic growth. It is important for Yibin to serve the implementation of the National Regional development strategy, build the southward opening hub of Sichuan, accelerate the construction of a national comprehensive transportation hub, and accelerate the construction of the provincial economic sub center significance. Subsequently, other members of the central group exchanged speeches on the study and implementation of the spirit of important instructions and speeches made by Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the CPC Central Committee.
Through this centralized study, members of the central group further understood the spirit of Peng Qinghua's important instructions and important speeches, and required all departments and Party branches to quickly set off an upsurge of study and publicity, and regard it as an important political task to study, implement and implement the spirit of secretary Peng Qinghua's Laiyi research and research instructions well, and continue to make contributions to the study, understanding and practice Therefore, we should combine the actual work with the post responsibilities, find out the focus and the driving point, and do a good job in the implementation.