Military civilian integration promotes development, and the interaction between
In order to give full play to the main force role of 1801 project participants in the construction of 1801 project, stimulate the enterprising spirit of 1801 project participants to catch up with and surpass, and ensure the smooth completion of 1801 project. On July 17, 2020, the kick-off ceremony of "Iron Army Cup" labor competition of 1801 project was held by the Municipal Federation of trade unions and the labor union of airport company and undertaken by the eighth Construction Bureau of China.

By 1801 Wang Bo, the project manager of the project, first read out the implementation plan of labor competition; secondly, the representatives of the workers made a speech; and Pang Jun, general manager of Chongqing Branch of the eighth Bureau of China Construction, put forward the work requirements for the labor competition: first, we should carefully organize, carefully construct and manage, and strive to build excellent projects; second, we should give full play to the youth in key projects The role of the main force and commando in the construction of the project. ZHENG Jin, deputy general manager of the airport company and chairman of the trade union, made a speech on the labor competition: first, we should coordinate, unite sincerely and fight together; second, on the premise of ensuring "safety first, quality first, and focusing on speed", we should unite and concentrate on tackling key problems, compete in cooperation and progress in competition, so as to achieve the goal of moving 61902 troops before the end of the year. Finally, Liu Hongzhi, head of the Economic Work Department of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, put forward the requirements of "comparing quality, time limit, safety, cultural construction and harmonious team".

In the labor competition activities, according to the different nature of work, we will carry out the labor competition activities with the contents of "ensuring the task, striving for the first", "competing for the quality and creating the high quality". In order to enhance the awareness of 1801 project participants in learning, strong technology, efficiency, seize the node, encourage 1801 project participants to strive for advanced, to be a pacesetter, improve labor productivity and work efficiency, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of 1801 project participants. The teams participating in the launching ceremony of the labor competition started the curtain for the next labor competition with good spirit and high morale. I hope you can build the 1801 project into a high-quality demonstration project, and make new contributions to promote the great development of civil military integration!