Do not forget the original intention and follow the party
In order to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, eulogize the glorious course of the party, improve the level of Party building work of the company, and enrich the cultural life of the company's cadres and employees, Yibin Airport Co., Ltd. held an art performance activity and commendation meeting on the evening of June 28, 2020.

Zhao xiuxun, deputy director of Publicity Department of Yibin municipal Party committee, Zhang Youlan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SASAC, Zhang Yao, leader of discipline inspection and supervision team of SASAC, and business representatives of several airlines attended the ceremony.

Peng Bing, Secretary of the Airport Inc Party committee and chairman of the CPC, delivered a speech before the opening of the program. He pointed out that we should closely unite around the Central Committee of the party with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, firmly establish four consciousnesses and firmly "four self-confidence", and resolutely maintain the "two maintenance". With the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee and municipal government and the municipal SASAC, we should be more enthusiastic, enterprising and pragmatic. In order to create a better future for Yibin civil aviation, we will create brilliant achievements in the construction of the airport!

The performance was opened in the chorus "No Communist Party, no new China". Subsequently, the dance "winning the flag on the long march", the scene song and dance "I love you - the party", and the true story of our war "epidemic" came on stage one after another, pushing the literary performance to another climax, with constant applause and cheers. The performance ended in the dance accompanied by the "never forget your original heart". The program sings the theme of "good Communist Party of China, great motherland, good socialism, good anti-poverty policy and resolute victory in the fight against epidemic prevention and control. It shows the excitement of the party members, cadres and workers celebrating the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and their heroic spirit of actively participating in the construction and development of the airport and the main battlefield of epidemic prevention and control.

Chen Bo, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the airport company and general manager of the airport company, on behalf of the Party committee of the company, commended the outstanding party workers and outstanding communist party members in the work on behalf of the company's Party committee in order to encourage the fighting spirit, stimulate the enthusiasm, further play the exemplary role of leading and exemplary leading role of advanced models, and encourage the whole company to strengthen confidence, overcome difficulties and comprehensively complete all the objectives and tasks of the airport.

Through fierce competition, airport Yashin's sitcom "big love is around" won the first prize of this evening party. This art and Literature Festival extols the great achievements of the party. It is not only the inheritance and development of the glorious history and fine tradition of our party, but also enriches the spiritual life of the majority of cadres and workers. It further strengthens the cohesion and centripetal force of the party members, cadres and workers of the company, and stimulates the confidence and enthusiasm of everyone to start a business!