Unite together to fight the epidemic
       Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility. In the novel coronavirus pneumonia pull together in times of trouble, all Party members, cadres and workers of Yibin airport limited liability company resolutely meet the general requirements of "sixteen words, such as" strengthening confidence, helping each other, scientific prevention and control, and precise measures ", which is proposed by general secretary Xi Jinping.

1、 Full deployment and firm confidence
Since the novel coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak, the company Party Committee attaches great importance to earnestly implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches and instructions, and strictly follow the work requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial Party committee and the municipal government, and promptly deploy the epidemic prevention and control work. First, strengthen organizational leadership. A novel coronavirus novel coronavirus infection leading group and a company responding to the new coronavirus infection pneumonia emergency command were established, and the relevant responsibilities were clarifying. Two, a sound working mechanism was established. To study and formulate the work plan for epidemic prevention and control, make statistics on all personnel going out of the unit and relevant conditions, establish a standing book, and comprehensively implement the system of asking for instructions and reporting on case day; all departments and branches and subsidiaries shall quickly implement the plan, set up passenger information registration desk, epidemic prevention and control points and isolation room, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. Third, strengthen publicity and education. The novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work proposal was issued by the Party committee. The medical workers were invited to carry out the training of knowledge about epidemic prevention and control for front-line workers. Through the WeChat group, propaganda slogans and LED electronic display, we studied and implemented the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in the planning of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. "Novel coronavirus infection prevention and control of pneumonia" and other documents are required by the municipal Party committee; four, clear discipline requirements. The company's Party committee issued the notice on strict discipline requirements for epidemic prevention and control, which put forward relevant requirements for strict political discipline, organizational discipline, work discipline and integrity discipline for all Party branches, all Party members, cadres and employees. Fourth, do a good job in mass prevention and control. We actively cooperated with Zongchang town to set up the temporary Party branch of the airport epidemic prevention point, and jointly carried out the work of temperature measurement. Check whether all the employees, family members, employees of airport shops and passengers from Hubei and "5 + 2 regions" (Guangdong, Zhejiang, Henan, Hunan, Anhui, Guangzhou and Hangzhou) return to Yiyi or via the way, and strictly prevent sticking to the situation and leaving no dead ends. Fifth, strengthen the management of epidemic prevention materials. In the face of the shortage of masks and disinfection materials, we actively coordinated with the industrial and commercial bureau, Transportation Bureau and other units to obtain more than 14000 masks, more than 2000 pairs of disposable gloves, and more than 200 bottles of disinfectant and alcohol, so as to effectively solve the protection conditions for grass-roots front-line workers; sixth, adhere to the duty system. Leading cadres of Party members should take the lead on duty, fight in the front line, supervise and inspect the epidemic prevention and control in public areas, and guide and improve the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.
2、 Give full play to the role of the Party branch as a fighting fortress and take various measures to prevent the epidemic situation

Every branch is a fortress, and every Party member is a flag. The grassroots Party branch of the airport company closely follows the work deployment of the company's Party committee, and requires party members of the branch to take the lead in epidemic prevention and control through multiple measures. First, innovation awareness, emphasis on learning, improve the standing position and forge ahead. The Party branch has taken the epidemic prevention and control as a major political task in the near future. In order to reduce the close contact and reduce the risk of the epidemic, the Party branch has issued the documents issued by the higher authorities in the WeChat learning branch work group through the use of the Network Innovation Conference, and thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the instructions issued by general secretary Xi Jinping. Xi further strengthened "Four Consciousness", strengthened "four self-confidence", and achieved "two maintenance". In the "epidemic" stage of the war, we should put the responsibility at the forefront and set a good example for the airport staff. Second, all departments uniformly deploy party members to take up posts to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties altogether. In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, the Party branch should actively communicate and coordinate with the front-line departments according to the company's work requirements, and always let the front-line party members fill in the front-line work to ensure the smooth development of the safe operation of the airport; thirdly, it should strive to be the vanguard of prevention and control. In order to ensure that the airport staff in all areas of work in place, the Party branch requires party members of all departments to cooperate with the staff on duty on that day to remind everyone to wear goggles, masks and disposable gloves in a way of mutual supervision. At the same time, it cooperates with the airport property management company to carry out 275 times of killing work on 84 parts in 14 regions every day to ensure the protection in place.

3、 Carry out the vanguard action of Party members and establish the image of Party members
During the epidemic period, there was a saying in all departments of the airport company that "if there are not enough staff, the party members will come together". The party members aim at "the epidemic situation will never return and the branch will not leave for a moment", and they will always fight in the front line of airport prevention and control. The party members of the safety inspection station and the ground service department stood in front of the party flag and swore: "strictly abide by discipline, obey the arrangements, serve the masses, do not have dinner parties, take protective measures for the whole staff, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, keep clean and set a good example", and sign their names on the letter of determination. Temperature detection and epidemic propaganda points are set up at the entrance of the airport terminal, and "passenger information declaration" service desk is set up at the check-in counter, which not only protects the safety and health of passengers, but also provides convenience and speed for their travel. Party members practice the "vanguard post of Party members" with practical actions, which also shows that the airport company can shoulder its responsibilities and stand the test. Please rest assured that Yibin municipal Party committee and municipal government, Yibin people can rest assured that all Party members of the airport company are in place!
4、 The vanguard of Party members rushes forward, and the Youth League members follow
With Party members, pioneers charged in front of the airport's Youth League members and the majority of employees followed closely. All of us gave up their vacations and took part in the front line of prevention and control, and resolutely safeguarded the safety and health of passengers entering and leaving the airport. In the face of the epidemic, they need to check the safety performance of the flight every day to ensure the surrounding clearance environment and provide convenient and fast service for passengers and cargo transportation. In the face of the epidemic situation, everyone voluntarily reduced the rest and asked for war one after another, saying that where the epidemic situation is, it is where the battle is! They do not shrink back, actively adhere to their own posts, vowing to win the war "epidemic" without gunpowder smoke! They followed the party's command and actively cooperated, and they were all participants in the war. From the beginning of the epidemic to today, they have secured more than 1200 flights, more than 99000 inbound and outbound passengers and 430 tons of inbound and outbound cargo. They have not only ensured the safe operation of the airport, but also delivered sincere services to passengers.
The party members of Yibin Airport Co., Ltd. have no heroic words in this war of fighting against the epidemic without gunsmoke. They have only a simple sentence: "I am a Communist Party member", "I sign up", "please give priority to me" This is the best embodiment of a well-known Party member to practice his original intention and fulfill his mission with practical actions。