a wrong thought in passing
On the morning of January 3, 2020, Yibin Airport Co., Ltd. watched the warning educational film of "a mistake of one thought" under the chairmanship of Comrade Peng Bing, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board. The warning educational film tells the corruption process of Zhang Beichuan, Zhou Xuewen and Li Ping. We can clearly see that they have ignored Party discipline and state law, have no organization and discipline, and have used their position and power to enrich their own pockets and satisfy their selfish desires. This has seriously damaged the image of the party and the government, damaged the close ties between the party and the people, undermined the Party's style of work, the style of government and the social atmosphere, interfered with the reform and opening up and economic construction, and caused great losses to state property and people's interests, Finally, he was punished by law.
After watching, Comrade Peng Bing stressed: "party members and cadres in our unit must have firm ideals and beliefs, establish correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, build a strong ideological line of defense and be loyal to the party. To regulate the use of their rights within the scope of their duties ".
Through this activity, we all felt a lot of emotion after watching the event. We not only felt sorry for those leading cadres who once had unlimited fame and fortune turned into prisoners, but also congratulated for the elimination of a number of "borers" in the party, and applauded the strong anti-corruption efforts of the CPC Central Committee. We all agreed that it is necessary to carry out the anti-corruption warning education among the party members and the masses, especially for the majority of Party members and cadres In particular, it is of great significance for leading cadres to engage in clean government, strictly abide by Party discipline and national laws, and promote the construction of a clean and Honest Party style and the fight against corruption.