Anti epidemic donation
According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia issued by the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of CPC Central Committee issued the notice of the CPC Central Committee on the voluntary organization of Party members' voluntary donations to support the new crown pneumonia prevention and control work (appropriate Group No. 2020] No. 7, and the Yibin airport limited liability company launched the voluntary donation activities of Party members on the third floor conference room of the comprehensive building in March 4th.
Comrade Peng Bing, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Yibin Airport Co., Ltd., took the lead in donating money, and the majority of Party members responded positively. By the end of the activity, a total of 9060 yuan of donations from 74 party members have been received, and all the donations have been paid into the special account designated by the higher Party organization.
All Party members of Yibin Airport Co., Ltd. are active in helping the epidemic prevention and control and overall coordination. Abide by order and fulfill obligations, share weal and woe together. Keep the original heart, take on the mission, fight against pneumonia, fight the epidemic situation, and make concerted efforts to win this battle without gunpowder smoke!